Kon produces top class disco edits.

We were lucky enough to see him play at Glastonbury last month (on the incredible outdoor Genosys stage) on the Thursday evening and there was no better way to start the weekend.

He played a string of classic records, including Talking Heads' 'Once In A Lifetime', Chaka Khan 'I'm Every Woman' (Kon's Keep It Movin' Edit) alongside his absolutely brilliant new mix of Loose Joints 'Is It All Over My Face?'.

I've just been over to Phonica Records on Poland Street (one of London's best record shops) and bought the latter of those on vinyl... and what a mix it is. The original 12" single - possibly Larry Levan's finest moment, but more on that tomorrow - contained two different versions. One featured a male version of the vocal and one a female version, although it tends to be the female vocal you hear these days.

Using the original stems in an official remix for West End Records (!), Kon has combined the two versions to create what he's called the 'Duet Mix' - and beefed the whole thing up to make it sound beautiful and work in modern DJ sets.

This will DEFINITELY get played at Love Come Down! If we're honest, I'll probably play the Chaka one too...

Check out a preview version of it here: