It's that time of year where, obligatorily, we are going to provide you with a countdown of our favourite 10 tracks of 2017.

These are the tracks that we've pulled out of the bag time and time again, in what has been quite a year for LCD. 2017 saw our first proper foray into international events (hi, Barcelona!), saw us throw daytime rooftop parties, use some awesome new venues (we're looking at you, Mick's Garage and Styx), host warehouse all-nighters and will see us end with one last, gigantic blow out at Love Come Down NYE.

So whilst you buy your ticket for that at the link above, take a listen to the tunes below and start planning that outfit.

10. Tuxedo '2nd Time Around' (Stones Throw)

This is just a great pop song. There's no denying it. Combine a super-catchy hook with some really nice synth bass and you've got a winner. The only thing missing is an extended/12" version. Where's Dimitri when you need him?!

9. Jamie 3:26 'Blessin' (Gamm Records)

We don't know what happened at 3 minutes and 26 seconds, or at 3.26am that gave Jamie his name, but the lad has blessed us with this loop-tastic gospel bomb. Interestingly, things on this particular track do start to really hot up at around the 3:25/3:26 mark, when the extra hats and shakers come in... also it features what sounds like a wobble board on it, which is a first for any track played at LCD.

8. Eddie Kendricks 'Girl You Need A Change Of Mind' (M+M Mix) (BBE Records)

The master himself John Morales is back with his 4th compilation in the M+M Mixes series – and it's another whopper, weighing in at 32 tracks and 5 hours worth of music. It has been hard to pick a favourite, but for us this complete reimagining of an Eddie Kendricks classic takes the biscuit. The sheer transformation from what was previously a slightly jazzy, shuffling soul track into a full power dancefloor bomb is quite something. 

7. Sophie Lloyd feat. Dames Brown 'Calling Out' (7" Edit) (Classic Music Company)

Sneaking into the list at the last moment is this unexpected gospel-tinged heater from Sophie Lloyd. Pure hands-in-the-air sing along vibes, even on the first listen. If this is the 7" edit, we can't wait to hear the 12" version.

6. Dimitri From Brooklyn 'I Knead You' (Razor-N-Tape)

This made our mid-year chart, and since then it STILL hasn't been added to YouTube or SoundCloud. Rare from such a big name producer! A stripped-down version of one of our favourite Sylvester tracks, old Dim certainly makes you wait for the drop on this one, which only adds to the appeal. Meanwhile, listen out for the cheeky LCD-exclusive edit that we usually play, which is a combination of various mixes of the song that combine for ultimate dancefloor impact. In lieu of a YouTube link, for now you'll have to deal with this low-res version we've uploaded ourselves.

5. Aroop Roy 'Talkin Bout Life' (The House Of Disco)

This track has done the business for us all year round. It lulls you into a false sense of security with the smooth intro, and then – BAM – from nowhere there's a gigantic build and drop. Didn't see that one coming, did you.

4. Gerd Janson & Shan 'Surrender' (ReGraded)

This track perfectly occupies one of our favourite areas of music, straddling the line just between house and disco. Big vocal sample, big drums, big reaction. Note to Midland: please release more tracks on ReGraded! We need more like this!

3. Aeroplane 'Love On Hold' (Glitterbox Recordings)

Sounding like it just got off a (very) long call with the 80s, this track has one of those vocals that is immediately familiar from first listen. Worked perfectly in the at our rooftop parties in Barcelona this year. Special mention to the Dimitri From Paris DJ Friendly Version too. Banger.

2. Soul Reductions 'Got 2 Be Loved' (Take Away Recordings)

'Heavy Stuff', 'Deep & Bubbly' and 'Sweet Treats' are just three of the wholly accurate things written on the front of the excellent 12" sleeve for this record. Smooth vocal sample + massive heavy bassline and bubbling drums = surefire winner at any party, anywhere.

1. Karizma 'Work It Out' (Lumberjacks In Hell)

This track has been played without fail at every single LCD party in 2017 since before it officially came out (thanks Marcel @ LIH!). Absolute heat that combines everything we love – soulful, gospel vibes with a kicking bass drum, and a vocal sample that just immediately makes you want to dance in weird and wonderful ways. I for one have a special move that came into existence purely after getting down to this track. No wonder it's recently been snapped up by none other than Google for an advert. Hats off to Karizma.

So, the conclusion here is two things – firstly, 2017 has been another fantastic year for music, and secondly, there is only one party in the whole world you'll be able to hear all these tracks together on one night. And that's Love Come Down NYE at STYX! The massive ticket link is below, what are you waiting for?!