When I'm DJing, there's only one CD that I never leave the house without: Prince Ultimate.

You may scoff that it's a Greatest Hits collection, but this is Prince we're talking about. Both discs are great, but Disc 2 is where this compilation really becomes a cut above your usual 'Best Of'. It's all about extended, 12" Prince. 

The only gripe is that there's so many incredible tracks from Prince's 'purple patch' (1979's Prince through to 1988's Lovesexy) that had to be cut. 'When You Were Mine', 'Erotic City', 'Bambi', 'Take Me With U' and 'I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man' are all absent, amongst many others.

In the words of the great man: "So many hits, so little time."

Prince is the dream we all dreamed of. His music can be played in any context, to any crowd. If you have Prince Ultimate with you, you're sorted.

At a house music night? You can drop Prince.

DJing a wedding? There's countless options.

Hip-Hop or RnB night? No problem. 

Playing a rock night? You can still play Prince (Ok, ok - this isn't on Prince Ultimate but it should've been)...

Need an incredible last-song-of-the-night option? It's on there.

It goes without saying that you can play Prince at a disco night. The man effortlessly fits into almost every genre - mainly because he is a genre unto himself.