Australia-based Dr Packer is, like Late Nite Tuff Guy, a master at modernising classic tracks for use on dancefloors in 2015.

The good doctor is also immensely productive, with scores of reworks on offer - many of which are commercially available.

Always adding some serious weight to the low end, Dr Packer's edits are quickly turning into an essential part of our playlists here at Love Come Down. Here's 3 of our favourites:

Dr. Packer 'Can't Figure Out'

This edit introduced me to the cracking original from Skipworth & Turner called 'Thinking About Your Love':

Dr Packer 'Magic In Your Eyes'

Another one that introduced me to a track I was completely unaware of, a lost classic from The Circle City Band: 'Magic':

Dr Packer 'Cranium'

An edit of one of Prince's dirtiest tracks - 'Head'. You can't go wrong: